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We provide all kinds of linguistic solutions to the clients coming from market Research industry. Market Research is infact an organised effort to collect information about the customers or markets. Different customers speak different languages but we speak all languages.

Market Research is also to find what people want, need,believe or think. We help you to understand them better and faster. The linguistic quality can not be compromised in market research because it is an vital part of buisness strategy.

A badly done market research can severely damage your buisness plans.

We help you reach far and wide markets of the world and to read the minds of the customers. Our linguistic Ways break all communication barriers. Our services include:
  • Conducting primary research in all languages.

  • Conducting Secondary Research in all verticals and languages.

  • Translation of Research Reports,Surveys and Questionnaires in all possible formats.

  • Quality check, Proofreading for accuracy and consistency.

  • Transcription of surveys and interviews.

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Translation is not an easy task. It requires a very high level of language skills which we pride ourselves on.
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At TransLang Ways we are dedicated to provide the best content for any of your needs.
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Go Global is the slogan of the decade. Every company is planning aggressively to expand its reach. We help you in your expansions.
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We are dedicated to provide you the high quality, professional, confidential and fast transcription services.
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The need of an interpreter suddenly arises when you meet somebody speaking a different language, which we fulfill.
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We provide all kinds of linguistic solutions to clients coming from market Research industry.
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